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In Home Massages Bergen County, NJ

Licensed massage therapists combine traditions with the knowledge of core science subjects such as anatomy and physiology to provide relief through massages and ensure optimal functioning of the body. In-home massage therapy can serve as a measure for managing emotional and mental health issues such as depression and anxiety. Our therapists apply their skills towards correcting posture in the different parts of the body from the neck to the back and muscles.



This is a form of hands-on massage that requires the application of pressure throughout the body while stroking and rubbing the body.


Deep Tissue

Includes friction and stripping. Friction is usually applied along a grain of muscle, while stripping is applied to the entire length of the muscle.



Aromatherapy is especially aimed at emotional and mental health, as well as physical health, involves the use of products such as essential oils, diffusers and body oils.



Includes firm kneading, stretching, the application of circular pressure and the application of tapping which is similar to percussion.



Specifically aimed at easing tension along the different muscles and joints of the body, also helps with the reduction of stress.

How It Works